Adjusting reported power on Stages power meter

I have a Stages MTB single sided power meter which is well out of warranty and consistently reads about 8% higher than my Favero single sided pedal that I use on my road bike. Does anyone know of away adjusting the power reading on my Garmin AND using that value to populate the .fit file. I know there is an IQ App that allows you to adjust the power but if you want those value to show in your stored data youhave to use Fitfiletools. I don’t want to alter my Favero Pedals as it will screw up my historical data and the majority of my riding is with those peadals. Thanks

When I was using a Stages PM, it developed a fault whereby the power reading was massively over reported. I#m talking 2-5 times my actual power.

Turns out, when I opened the Stages app, that the crank length had changed and that number was leading to the bizarre readings. When I reset the crank length, the power meter returned to giving me sensible numbers.

I’m not sure how much flexibility you have with this method and there would probably be a lot of trial and error, but in theory you might be able to adjust things to help with your mismatch of power

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Thanks I’ll have a try at that

I’ve had a look but on the Android App at least there is no capability to adjust the crank arm length. The same on my Garmin. Thanks anyway

If I remember correctly, the feature to change crank length is somewhat hidden.

I seem to think, when on the Android app, that swiping the screen to the side 4 times unlocks the hidden settings screen where crank length can be adjusted.

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How on earth did you figure that out! Brilliant - many many thanks. Now the question is: do I increase or decrease the crank length.

You’re welcome. And that’s a good question. Like i said, it’s probably going to involve some trial and error!

A long long time ago when I was at Print College , one of the tutors told us that in our future professional and private lives we would be faced with many decisions. His advice was to just guess because at least then we would have a 50:50 chance of being correct as opposed to thinking about it and being wrong every time. I don’t think he had much regard for his students but there is a kernel of truth in it.


I’m having the same issue with 862mm crank length on Stages Power. The iOS app won’t let me change it. Whilst I like seeing 1500w average for a ride I’d like to see my real figures! Has anyone cracked how to change the crank length on iOS? Many thanks

I just noticed this issue on my Stages this week. In my case it was reading 175 instead of 172.5 and I suspect it’s been that way ever since I had warranty service done a few years ago.

Anyways Stages support gave me the instructions referenced above to use the Android app and swipe right to left 4 times on the tools page to access the crank length setting option. They specifically said to use an Android device and I can confirm that it works on Android but not an iPhone.

Thanks Ken,
I guess I’ll borrow my son’s phone and do it through that ! Many thanks