Garmin Fenix 6 sapphire Outdoor Workouts

Anyone know the Fenix 6 Sapphire can be used with outdoor workouts custom screen that is available on the 530/830?

Separate question, does the Sapphire screen mean Pro version or is screen material not indicative of device level?


Sapphire screen is just a reference to sapphire glass (aka not able to scratch). Also sapphire version has a special coating on the bezel.

As far as workouts what screens / data fields are you referring to? Also do you have a F6X? i do and wondering.

If you look up outside workouts on TR blog, you’ll see the custom workout screen on the 530/830 series of edge units.

Regarding the sapphire question…so, it’s possible to have a base Fenix 6 with a sapphire screen then?

I have a F6X Sapphire and was asking you to post what screens you were looking for and not a reference to the blog fyi.

There are many different versions of the F6 series and I believe there is a sapphire version of the regular pro if you pay the extra.

I just checked on my Fenix 6 Pro, and it doesn’t have the “Workouts” category of datafield that is mentioned in TR’s blog post.

So no nice pretty graph for you. [Best soup nazi voice]

But it will still execute a TR outside workout.