Garmin Fenix 6 sapphire Outdoor Workouts

Anyone know the Fenix 6 Sapphire can be used with outdoor workouts custom screen that is available on the 530/830?

Separate question, does the Sapphire screen mean Pro version or is screen material not indicative of device level?


Sapphire screen is just a reference to sapphire glass (aka not able to scratch). Also sapphire version has a special coating on the bezel.

As far as workouts what screens / data fields are you referring to? Also do you have a F6X? i do and wondering.

If you look up outside workouts on TR blog, you’ll see the custom workout screen on the 530/830 series of edge units.

Regarding the sapphire question…so, it’s possible to have a base Fenix 6 with a sapphire screen then?

I have a F6X Sapphire and was asking you to post what screens you were looking for and not a reference to the blog fyi.

There are many different versions of the F6 series and I believe there is a sapphire version of the regular pro if you pay the extra.

I just checked on my Fenix 6 Pro, and it doesn’t have the “Workouts” category of datafield that is mentioned in TR’s blog post.

So no nice pretty graph for you. [Best soup nazi voice]

But it will still execute a TR outside workout.

I have this screen in my Fenix 5 plus - anyone know what the power value actually is as the screen cannot be edited. Is it average power of lap/interval, NP, 30 sec average power? It seems very slow to react to changes in effort so thinking it’s either average of lap or very long interval of average power but can find nothing documenting it.

The default workout screen on the watches is useless, because as you’ve noticed, they only display lap power. The best setup that I’ve found is to use the connect iq field “datarun ultimate” it was designed for running with stryd (a running power meter) but works for cycling as well, and has added the workout fields that aren’t available otherwise.

My set up from top to bottom is:
Elapsed time. Time left in workout step
Heart rate. Cadence
3s power. Lap power
Low power range. High power range

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I looked at that but from the manual it says Garmin Power isn’t supported and I use Garmin Vector pedals.

I’m pretty sure that refers to Garmin RUNNING Power (which is derived from Garmin Running Dynamics chest straps), rather than from Garmin Vector pedals. The watch does support native cycling power, but does not support running power natively.

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