Garmin Edge 530/830/1030 (which one?!) + sensors

Just watched GP Lama video on this.

I had no idea, and that is really cool!

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So I saw the Edge 530 on sale for $240 bucks and I grabbed it. After initial setup it looks like something I can get my head around, and the number of profiles, data fields and apps means I think I can get everything I want on it. In general, I’m blown away by all that these little computers can do. While I am sure the Wahoo head units are good (I have their speed sensor on my road bike), the ecosystem for Garmin 3rd party apps was very compelling. Given my susceptibility to riding in strong wind, wind speed and direction was the first thing I added to my road profile. I’ll probably pay the $5 for the Wind Field software that was mentioned, as soon as the snow melts around here.

As far as the 830 and 1030, I think the touchscreen would probably not be such a technical issue, but it was more of a matter of fit: the space between my tri-bars would not actually fit a 1030. And I feel I got a good deal on the 530. Now just waiting for my Assioma Uno power pedals to arrive.

Thanks again for all of the guidance, here. Dave

For me on a Wahoo unit, I simply prioritize how I want my data. On the Elemnt, you can have 11 fields and thenuse the up / down buttons to have fewer or more of those fields viewable. All the data I could ever want is always there and I don’t have to choose a different profile…I just toggle up or down.

Also, most of the data I want / need indoors is on the TR screen. I don’t even use a head unit regularly inside (occasionally, though).

That said, having an Indoor mode is nice because you can have it set so the GPS is off automatically. You have to toggle it manually with Wahoo.

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When comparing the Wahoo models, it seems that only the Roam has colour coding for HR zones (so we can tell at a glance which zone we are in). Is that right? Do you know if it could be used for colour coding power zones as well?

The Elemnt has LED lights on the left side of the screen that can be set to match either HR or Power zones. I have mine set for Power, as that is my primary training metric. But you can absolutely use the. For HR zones.

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If someone want to read more about bike gps compare, u can look here: I hope it will be useful for someone :slight_smile:

I got an Edge 520 as soon as it came out but returned it after six months for buttons sticking (early production issue that has been fixed). I upgraded to the 830 and love the touch screen. The screen responds even when wet. Any screen will get “dirty” when you drip sweat on it, even the non-touch screen versions. If you can afford it, I recommend the 830.