Garmin connect stress measure

Anyone use it? I have been looking at it but can’t figure out how to make it useful. I have an active job so it mostly just shows me being active almost all day and can’t see how it’s useful. It will show my days off are less stressful than my work days and this makes no sense to me. I attached a photo of it from a workday and one from a no work day to see if anyone can help me out. Work day

non work day

I have it via my vivo 3 but I think it’s absolute toss. If I’m stressed I damn well know about it. :wink:

(FYI I am not currently stressed.)

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I have this via my Forerunner 245 and for me I find the graph quite accurate. Work days (office job) are often lower stress for me than “free” days with my 3 kids. What I also find is that the chart shows very high stress after workouts, after (too much) alcohol intake, during illness and such.

IIRC it works by measuring how fast your HR changes up or down and calculates a “stress score” from it.

It resembles how I feel quite well. Then again, as @admigo noted, chances are that I already know about it :wink:, so it’s more of a gimmick and not useful in that sense.

No idea why it does not match your perception of your stress level - it works well for some more than others I guess.

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Here’s my record! I was quite ill that day.

I also think the stress score is pretty much useless.

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I have it on my Vivosmart 4 and in general I’ve found that, after 4 months of using it, it actually interestingly accurate, or maybe a better way of putting it, it is consistent.

I have found that my Body Battery (Garmin feature related to Stress) is never 100% after a night where I have an alcoholic drink.

I found that if I’m sick the sress level is also high.

And finally, I’ve seen that if I have stressful days at work, or life events, it does give me a higher score than other days.

With that being said, I hardly look at the score and just know whether I’m feeling off or not. I was though absolutely amazed at how consistent it was with even just one beer, or one small whiskey drink seeing the Body Battery not being recharged.


I agree, I haven’t figured out a way to use it for training so I really don’t pay attention to it anymore. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

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Mine seems to accurate reflect how I felt.

So… I will use it to review seasons at the end of the year. If I do well in a race how was my stress for the 4 weeks prior? Bad race… what do the previous weeks look like…?

I prefer the 4 week view to the daily view.

It’s a more objective way to record ‘how do I feel today’ in a journal.


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