Garmin Connect doubled TSS

Hi there:

THought this might be a redundent question, but haven’t found the answer in the forum. I recently switched from Wahoo to Garmin and this afternoon after I’ve logged into garmin connect, I think all my outside workouts were synced again. Account profile below:

Is there anyway to solve this problem? My TSS has balooned for the weeks I did quite a few outdoor rides. Don’t want to confuse myself 10 years down the road!



I think it’s a bigger glitch I don’t use Garmin and my outside rides were doubled as well, just happened

Is this the same issue as the following thread?

Everyones outdoor rides are doubled, even Wahoo recorded rides by the look of it.

Uh yes it is - thank you! Must have been a glitch - not just me then!

Yep! As @Bbt67 said, it’s the same issue mentioned here:

We really appreciate the report. I’m going to go ahead and close this thread to eliminate redundancy, however. :slight_smile: