Garmin 935 - still good buy in 2021?


just saw a great deal for a new Garmin 935 for barely 240$.
I dont need maps, Pay, music… sone latest garmin gimmiks I also do not need.
but I am worried a maybe four year old watch’s battery might have taken a hit?
Or is there no real need to be worried. Probably it is not four years old and storage was probably proper at ok temperatures etc.
Whats your take? thx!

It doesnt have as many metrics as the 945/955, but for most people it will be more than enough…
battery last a long time…

If you plan to use it on the pool, make sure you rinse it every time…
otherwise the chlorine will kill the barometer in less than 12 months…

My first one died within 6 months of ownership…the second one lasted much longer but the HR plastic cover cracked and they gave me a new one…

Got mine in 2016 when it came out…
hopefully it will last another year or two.

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thx - i hate swimming, always will :smile:

what caused the crack? water, too?

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Not exactly sure. Not exactly sure how many people have had the problem…
but I know it is more people than me

If it’s brand new the battery life should be great. Mine is definitely struggling these days since buying it when it first came out. I’m still on my first one since I learned my lesson from the 910xt and don’t swim in the pool with it (I only use my 2nd replacement 910xt for that and it’s the only thing I use it for–I’m sure if I tried an outdoor activity the elevation gains would be off the charts! :joy:). The 910xt also happens to have a better lap method than the newer watches where they throw in the goofy rest periods which can be annoying depending on what you’re trying to do (ie taking splits during a long interval).

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This is pretty common, but doesn’t seem to affect anything AFAIK. If it happened under warranty I would have tried for a new one though. :grinning:

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Garmin did replace mine with a new one!
Mine was almost 2 years at that point…so kuddos to Garmin for that

I had good luck with my 910xt replacements as well, even past the warranty period. :+1:

ETA: my 935 HR cover also cracked so I was referring to me when I said “I”, not the hypothetical “I” in that situation. :joy:

Having owned a 935, 945 and a Fenix 6 Pro I’d say the metrics are pointless. I didn’t get on with the resin bezel of the 935 and 945 which is why I went to the Fenix 6 Pro.

I use my watch to log data and then I use other services to analyse it. I don’t need Garmin telling me that I’ve not had enough sleep - I know it.

Also Garmin’s training status is not that useful. I’ve switched it off now as it just wrong and the Aerobic TE and Anaerobic TE is all HR dependent.

If you want to use the watch for logging data then the 935 is perfect.


Great thread. I have a Suunto Spartan Trainer with Wrist HR that is still going strong after 4+ years. I am looking to move 100% to Garmin when I one day replace it. The FR935 is about the same cost as the Suunto 5 but has way more features. Definitely glad to see everyone else’s thoughts on the 935.

Interestingly, DC Rain Maker just posted an article on why the pool kills the barometer and how Garmin changed software to extend its life.


I bought the watch :slight_smile: could not resist.
It is definately brand new, never used. But I have no idea if it was sitting on a shelf for four years. So do you mean brand new as never used or brand new as recently produced?

As in never used - - should have excellent battery life (like forget when you last charged it battery life). :+1:

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If you use it indoor only the battery will last a ridiculous amount of time…

Mine last about 7 days with mix of indoor and gps usage

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I used the 935 today first time:
4,5h ride
Speed/Cadence/HR/Varia Radar/Front- and Taillight connected to the watch
Navigation on

I started at 100%, when the ride was over I had 72% left.

So 28% for 270min… with maximum of sensors and GPS navigation active

Backlight brightness off.

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Did it had GPS/Glonass enabled?

GPS only. i never used any other combination, always has been good enough for me.

i guess the battery seems to work fine.

and since ending the ride the watch nerely used 0,1% per hour.
Ok, i switched off all the activity tracking, no wrist HR, no backlight, no GPS, no wifi nor phone connection. So eventually just showing the time :slight_smile:
But still - not consuming much.

I keep HR and Bluetooth to my phone on all the time, I don’t think it makes a huge difference having them on (certainly not enough to miss out on the smart notifications/replies especially, as well as the resting HR tracking–I do use a chest strap for activities though). The biggest suck will be definitely be GPS activities, probably followed by backlight time (which is just setup for 30" periods after button presses for me).

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actually I switch off notifications on purpose: cant have all devices around me hunting me… that stresses me too much.
No, i am using the watch as a training computer during workouts… and solely as dumb watch otherwise.

I went for another ride of 4,5h with all sensors and radars attached, GPS navigation on: battery drain is between 5-6% per hour, better than my Edge830. That is encouraging.

I am just wondering why my 935 does not show Exercise Load from cycling w/o power meter when my 830 does show with the same setup.