Garmin Forerunner 965 out soon

Is it bad that I want to upgrare from my 955 because of the new AMOLED screen? :grimacing:

I’ve really enjoyed my 955. If anyone’s been Garmin-curious this might be worth checking out.


No its shiny, shiny is always better


After reading that, it’s not clear to me how battery life compares to the 955, but I’m not sure I’d trade in solar for the AMOLED screen. Is it weird that I’m more excited about the USB-C cable? I might just order a couple of those. Give me a Forerunner with AMOLED, solar, and wireless charging, and I’ll upgrade in a heartbeat, though.

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How much for your 955?

Not the display…I want the running dynamics…

oh well

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As someone who primarily rides a bike and does some strength training, but zero running, is there any value in a 955/965?
I already have an Edge 1030 Plus, which I only for outdoor rides, and a Venu which I wear 24/7


I’m in a similar position…I can’t run to save my life and came from a Venu 2! I like the Training Readiness and related fitness/recovery features in the 955. It was a worthwhile upgrade for me, but I do miss the AMOLED screen from my old Venu 2.

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So the 965 is just the 955 AMOLED? I keep considering a smartwatch, but it seems like the new watches lack new features to justify the price and used watches are a gamble for how much life the battery has left. Maybe the 955 will be the sweet spot for deals since it’s still under a year old with all the features, but already outdated in the lineup.

I have the 745 and have been feeling gipped for a while with it (esp with the sales that had gone for the 945).

Could the 965 be what i need ? …no i don’t “need” it but i’m very tempted lol

no, i dont think it has the added value worth that price. I have the same setup, very happy

I have the 245 and got an add for the 265 in Garmin Connect on my phone today. The screen looks nice but I think it’s safe to assume it will reduce battery life so no thanks.

Considering I bought a 255 at launch last year, a 9 month product cycle is really annoying from Garmin.


The watch face is REALLY busy. Can you customize it to just the time and date?

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Generally speaking it probably has multiple choices and you can download custom watch faces with Connect IQ. I’m sure there is something that is more to your liking, if not exactly what you are looking for.

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Nah, maybe if it had solar too. I’m hoping the new os split when the x55 means it will get features for a long time because that was a fast product cycle.

maybe the next one will be the 7xx series, they’re sstill at 745

stares in Garmin 920XT