Fuelling resistance band workouts

I do a couple of weekly resistance band workout sessions to increase and improve hip flexor strength and flexibility. Each session lasts around 60 minutes and comprises a series of individual workouts that target specific muscles within and around this part of the body. I started out a few months back doing 15-20 minute sessions using a low resistance band but I’m now up to 60 minutes with a thicker band. Contrary to my initial thoughts when I first started doing these workouts, these aren’t just gentle stretching exercises!

Any recommendations on how best to fuel these workouts? I’m currently just sipping water throughout the sessions but I’m pretty sure the demands I’m placing on my body requires something a bit more substantial. A gel before each session? Standard energy drink throughout each session? If so, roughly how many carbs are required? I’m guessing 90g an hour is probably over doing it? Any suggestions?

I wouldn’t fuel them specifically. I don’t have any scientific backing why, but my argument would be along the line that you don’t spend enough continued time at specific zones (in terms of muscular work and heart rate) to need carb intake to keep up the work.
That doesn’t mean that you have to do them fasted. When I do my athletic and core training, I often eat a banana or a cereal bar beforehand. Depending on how demanding your workout routine is, you could even eat some fruit during the workout in the breaks. Just my opinion, but I hope it helps :blush:


Cheers. I was half thinking along those lines myself - maybe a bar or banana before and/or a glass of milk and some fruit after. The thought of carbs to fuel my sessions intuitively felt like overkill.

A recovery beer?


Sounds good to me.

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Can you please post your workout regimen? I have hip flexor issues and trying to ameliorate with physical therapy.

If you are on Twitter this guy:


Is my latest find on combating weak hips and other issues related to working at a computer all day.


Good link. Cheers.

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