FTP outdoor - FTP indoor (ramp test)

Hi everyone,

I’m a newbie, sorry if i’m asking silly questions.
I did a ramp test for started Sweet Spot Base High Volumen II and I getted FTP=302 W.
For workouts outdoors, what FTP should I use? , 302 W equally?

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There’s an excellent Trainer Road podcast on this very same topic. Browse through their feed and you’ll probably find it.
If you are using the same power meter for outdoor and indoor rides it should be pretty much the same. Take into account the differences in cooling, hidration, fueling, etc

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Outdoor FTP can be higher for some people, but I would use the 302 for now and see how it feels. You can adjust intensity on your own for instance if threshold intervals feel too easy. Like @LucasHTM said cooling indoors is usually an issue for many, if you’re too hot your body limits the amount of exertion you can do. What power meter are you using?


thank you for your answer.

I hadn’t power-meter, but I just buy a Smart Trainer (Elite Direto) .
I’ll buy a power meter 4iiii (Shimano Ultegra 6800) for workouts outdoors, therefore I would make a comparison between 4iiii power meter and Elite direto, but i would wait it will be similarly.

You can use powermatch on trainerroad to control your smart trainer, that way you are using the same power source indoors and out. That takes the variability out of it. Personally I use powertap pedals on my kurtkinetic trainer and outside. It works really well.