FTP Estimation versus Progression levels

Love the new FTP estimation in place of the old ramp test.

I do have a quick question though.

In between my last FTP estimation and my most recent one, I saw a 2.5% increase. However it came during a time when my PL never exceeded 4 for any of the energy systems.

Outside workout were fairly limited. All my indoor workouts were custom workouts pushed from Training Peaks - so not necessarily matched to PL’s as well as the TR library.

Does that make sense the FTP estimation is a lot more sophisticated that the PL calculations that my FTP could really be going up even if it does not look like it has based on PL’s based on old FTP. I would have expected to have had to have seen a lot more improvement in PL’s to have a bump in FTP.

Yes, the ATI FTP Detection is pretty sophisticated, but you arent getting credit for your custom workouts to impact your PLS accurately yet.

Levels 2.0 will account for all the work you’re doing reflected in you Progression Levels and Adaptations. Although if you’re not using Plan Builder, that wont impact AT making recommendations for future workouts based upon even the unstructured rides you’re doing.

Your Progression Levels do not dictate the work assigned to you, Plan Builder and suggested adaptations to progress your fitness per energy system (based upon your goals) do.
I think you may be looking at this like since your PLs are low, you’re not being assigned hard workouts to get you faster. Thats not how Adaptive Training is designed, PLs are just a reflection of what you’ve been doing and what you’re current abilities are within the scope of TrainerRoad workouts (for now, soon in the scope of every activity).
More on Progression Levels here:



If that is the case, will the recency effect significantly influence how FTP estimation comes up with a value? Like if I’m feeling fit as a fiddle at the end of a recovery week and do a stretch sweet spot workout in lieu of the last aerobic ride, 2.5 levels above my current PL, will that unduly influence the AI? Since it is a reflection of the fitness we have within the TR system… I think I’m halfway to what you’re saying here.

If you were to, for example, open a sweet spot workout scheduled via plan builder, open alternates for it, and pick something a couple levels higher, YES it could result in a potential adaptation of future workouts. An unduly influence though? Not at all.
Adding that hard ss workout outside of your plan instead of an endurance will impact your PLs, but not result in an adaptation.
Levels V2 (the highest development priority for some time now) will account for all added workouts and unstructured rides for potential adaptations.

Okay, I got it now! Thank you!

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