FTP detection and rest weeks

from ftp detection to detection, does the ftp AI look for adaption periods within a block of weeks. i tend to do 2 or 3 weeks on with 1 off. if there is no rest or adaption week built in, will the AI only look at work done, or changes in the work done and responses given, and assume that adaptions will occur. obviously as a block builds fatigue, performance may not improve and requires a deload week to realise adaption.

Hey there!

AI FTP Detection will look at all of your recent ride data, as well as your historical power data. At this time, adaptations proposed by Adaptive Training are separate from AI FTP Detection.

Because AI FTP Detection considers so much of your training data, it’s very unlikely a single type of effort or workout would substantially sway the model. For example, the model “knows” when you’re doing an easy ride and won’t confuse that for decreased fitness. You also don’t have to do capacitive or all-out efforts for the feature to work.

In other words, don’t worry too much about where your recovery periods fall. AI FTP Detection will look at your training as a whole and get you dialed in!


that make perfect sense Zac.


Hi Zach,

I have the issue, that the AI tells me to do 10 trainings to detect my FTP. I have loaded my history from strava and garmin. It also doesn’t take in consideration any of my rides I do outdoors.

Can you advise please?

  • Doing at least 10 TR indoor workouts is a requirement for AI FTP Detection to work properly.

What AI FTP Detection Needs to Detect Your FTP

In order for AI FTP Detection to have enough data to accurately detect your FTP, you need a minimum of 10 completed TrainerRoad indoor workouts. If you haven’t completed enough workouts, don’t stress—you’ll see how many more you need when you click the button to use the feature. Once you’ve completed these 10 workouts, AI FTP Detection will analyze and incorporate all indoor and outdoor rides with power data, whether or not they’re TrainerRoad workouts.

For the best results, AI FTP Detection also requires an accurate weight and date of birth in your Account Settings. Please verify yours are entered correctly!

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