Outdoor rides and auto FTP

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When I complete a Threshold, VO2 max or anaerobic session above level 9 I get the option to bump my ftp up. How come this does not occur when completing the same workout outside and sometimes beating the expected intensity Of the workout due to being outdoors. I know AI FTP detection will adjust the following workouts when following a plan however I am more ad hoc and push workouts to my head unit and can’t benefit from this.

Seems like this should be a thing as I do 95% of my training outdoors due the great weather in Australia.

And yes I know I can manually bump my ftp up if the workout didn’t stress me enough but then what is the point of having trainerroad AI FTP detection.

Hey @Weemanasorous :slight_smile:

The AI FTP Adjustment feature is only currently available for Indoor Workouts.

I also just want to clarify that an AI FTP Adjustment is not the same thing as AI FTP Detection.

FTP Detections

If you are currently in the Base or Build phase of your training plan, every 28 days, you will have the option of viewing an FTP Detection. Our AI uses your personal biometrics along with the unique details of your recent and past cycling data to quantify your fitness at the time of your detection. Essentially, an FTP detection is reflective of your absolute FTP, and will influence both your Progression Levels and workout suggestions.

FTP Adjustments

FTP adjustments, on the other hand, mainly occur if you are in the Specialty phase of your training plan. Because FTP detections won’t run automatically during Specialty phases, FTP adjustments are used when necessary to keep your training on track. As a result, accepting an FTP adjustment won’t affect the 28-day timer linked to an FTP detection.

More info here:

Note: even if you don’t get a 2% adjustment (very small change) rest assured that you are still progressing through your PL’s and completing Productive workouts to keep your training on track. :slight_smile:

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