Does constantly screwing/unscrewing a thru axle wears it down?

Whenever is a wheel-on, direct drive or fork-mount rollers, all trainer setups sans pure rollers, require to constantly remove a thru axle if you ever need to ride outside. My question is simple, are the thru axle and drops in danger of wear or fatigue by this? Has anyone had an issue with stripped threads due to trainer usage?

Thanks for any info!

I’ve through axles on my MTBs and the only problem I’ve had is with the closure lever camming action on one Rockshox axle not the threads.

Not really something I’ve thought about and you are extremely unlikely to cross-thread the axle or drop since the two are presented at the correct angle. The way they work is that the full length of the thread is engaged before tension is applied via the lever, this is different to a normal nut and bolt where the tension increases as you tighten up.

Personally I’d find something else to worry about.

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Even with the axles that thread straight in without a cam lever (like my rear thru axle on the fuel ex) the axle is so long and the threads are aligned that I literally can’t imagine cross threading it. Personally haven’t had any issues even considering my LBS told me I screw that thru axle in “too damn tight”

Keep the threads clean, lightly lubed, don’t over-tighten them and you should be fine.