Front disc brake rubs when sprinting. Help please?

I have a 2018 Crux (carbon frame and fork) and my front brake rubs when I sprint out of the saddle. I’m not making massive watts (1000 on a good day) and I only weigh 74 kilos. Anyone know what the issue could be? The front fork is a thru axle if that matters. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Possible factors to review:

  1. All fasteners (brake caliper and rotor mount) are properly torqued.
  2. Disc rotor is straight and true.
  3. Front axle is properly tightened.
  4. Brake caliper is proper aligned with equal space on both pads around the rotor for proper clearance.
  5. Both pads and rotor pots are fully retracting when the lever is released.
  6. Brake pads and pots are fully reset into the caliper, when the lever is released (to ensure max travel).
  7. Brake is properly blead and not over filled.

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