Front disc brake rub

I have a new 2020 orbea orca m20iltd-d. When I stand to sprint or climb, I get front disc brake rub when I lean the bike to one side. In fairness to my new bike, I weigh 200lbs and get this rub on all of my disc brakes bikes. But now that I have an expensive new road bike, it bothers me. The caliper and pads look dead center to the rotor, so I’m thinking flex from the hub or thruaxle. Has anyone else had success in troubleshooting this issue? Just looking for some things to try.

Headset not quite torqued properly can cause this. I know only because it happened to me.

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Just one thought… double check that the pin/screw that secures the brake pads into the calliper is there.

I had a similar issue to what you’re describing once - only rubbed when I stood up and it turned out to be that somehow the pin had come out and the pads were moving around.

Might be a long shot, but worth double checking as its potentially dangerous if it is the case…

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I weigh 60kg and have the same on my 2019 Supersix, I think unfortunately that’s not an uncommon issue with disc brakes… it got better after a month or two as the pads wore down but that’s all I can offer!

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I assume you’ve tried the standard loosen mount, pull brake, re-tighten fix to check the pads aren’t very slightly misaligned?


Yes indeed

I’m wondering if that will be the case for me as well

Just a thought. The pads retract to their normal state by pressure from that metal spring. I wonder if I pull that spring out and bend it outwards a bit, if that would spread that pads a bit further when they retract? Seems crazy but also seems very simple to do. I wonder if the space between the pads would open up or if the fluid in the lines would prevent them from opening up any further?