Front derailleur adjustment on venge


does anyone have problems with aligning R9170 Di2 front derailleur adjustment on Venge 2020?
My first problem is that when I set the front of the derailleur 2mm above chainring and then start scruwing the right part of it goes down and event touch the chainring.
And the second one is the horizontal angle of the derailleur. Even when the small angle screw is not even touching the frame/plate the right part is even outside of the chairing and screwing that small screw is just making it worst.

I started to play with it because in setup which I get from the shop, when I was switching from big to small ring I was getting bottom chaninsuck (chain was pulled up from the bottom to the space between the frame and small ring)

The bike is brand new and is ordered via webshop from abroad and now in Covid time is not that easy to cross the border to take it to that shop.

I would appreciate any advice and help.