From Flux to Neo 2t

Replaced my 2018 flux with neo 2t. Besides the drop of 30 watt ftp (293->259) I noticed that the neo 2t moves much more during training than the flux. Feels better but also tricky.

People have similar experience with quite some bike movement on the neo? Cant remember i read this in any reviews. Probably the way it should be but wanted to check.


Yes, the Neo is designed to “flex” and give more movement than the Flux or other rigid trainers.

It’s even covered in their site:

The pic almost shows something most people don’t mention. The actual trainer frame of the neo is perfectly symmetric about the rear view, vertical axis. But the axle is actually offset to the right by around 18mm (pure from memory, so likely wrong :wink: ) which leads to some slight asymmetric loading on the frame. Not sure it really makes a functional difference, but interesting none the less. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting indeed and noticeable. Nice perk and it does make it feel more like being on the road compared to the flux.

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