🎉🎉🎉 Try TrainerRoad Free, No Credit Card or Commitment Required 🎉🎉🎉

Hey all—big news! For the first time ever, TrainerRoad is offering a free trial, open to all new members, risk-free. Now you can get unrestricted access to everything we have to offer for 7 days, with no credit card info, referral code, or commitment required. And all new athletes automatically receive full Adaptive Training beta functionality, so it’s easier than ever to experience the most effective way of getting faster, no matter your goals.

Head on over to www.trainerroad.com/sign-up and try a free week of TrainerRoad today!


Existing TR athletes can get adaptive training by going here: Adaptive Training Early Access


It looks like with this change the invite system is gone.


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That’s right—referrals are no longer available for new sign-ups, but athletes who are still on existing referral-based TrainerRoad trial periods won’t be affected.

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Is 7 days going to be long enough for newcomers to actually try it out and get a good experience? Seems short.


While a departure from the 30 days personally I think it is a smart business move vs competitors offerings. This is also a way to have people try it that don’t know the forum or how referrals work. Like you also said existing members still can do referrals if needed.

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I agree. The main reason to trial isn’t really to see gains in fitness, but rather whether the ecosystem is something that works for you/you enjoy. At least that’s what I was thinking when signing up.


When visiting Log In to TrainerRoad, the referral page is still visible :.

also when visiting FTP history, ride sync, tss estimation and the adaptive training settings

It should be 14 days if you want people to figure things out and possibly subscribe. 7 days is too short IMO.

Snaps to not needing a CC. Pretty sure most things will go this way soon with all the new rules coming into play.

I don’t have the “Referrals” section anymore on my account. And the referrals thread on this forum was taken down as well. I think referrals are gone.

I think it’s a great initiative - Personally 7 days should be enough for people to see how great TR is. I’m a brand new subscriber and frankly, I’ve been blown away by not just how good the platform is, the adaptive training is amazing, but also by the amazing TR staff and their obvious love and passion for this company - Never change!!


Ramp Test to Breakthrough workout in 7 days or your money back! :joy:


This is a great approach. From a user standpoint, I think most free trials are data-grabs, and are betting on me forgetting to cancel my trial before my card gets charged. This eliminates those suspicions, and telegraphs complete confidence in the product. If you’re still here on day 8, it’ll be because you love the product.


This is pretty unfortunate. Seven days is not nearly long enough to get a proper feel for the program. I came from Sufferfest’ two week trial, which still wasn’t a sufficient amount of time, and if I didn’t have a 30 day promo from someone I probably wouldn’t have landed on TR.


With Zwift you get 25km. I actually think 7 days is generous in that respect. There were a lot of people gaming the system with endless “trials” the old way.

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Just what I was thinking. I have had several weeks of no Adaptions, then lots. Surely if you’re advertising AT, you want to give it enough time to Adapt :exploding_head:

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No adaptations at all? Not a single bump up or down in ANY category? Mine change almost every ride.

Nope none at all. Maybe all my TTs rather than workouts was confusing it. I got to the end of the block and they were triggered and every 2nd or 3rd ride now they seem to be triggered now :neutral_face: