Free months of TRAINERROAD

I have 4 months of TRAINERROAD that can be used free as a referral and have had it for some time now. Those that I ride with really do not cycle indoors. Could TRAINERROAD create a bank for these free months and issue them out at events or at your discretion? Maybe others have them to offer as well. Getting a free month of TRAINERROAD would be AWESOME!!!
I do not use TRAINERROAD much as I would like which should as winter approaches now that I have a goal for next year.

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I mean… rather than trying to collectively horde free trial months, wouldn’t it make more sense to just advocate on behalf of TR and recommend your friends pay the $15~ for a month to give it a shot? Assuming, of course, that you are happy with your experience.

If you only use TR in the off-season, you could always just cancel and then resume when winter rolls around.

Just my two cents!

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The only issue with this is he is grandfathered into the current price and our prices are going up very soon. If he is only going to use it in the off season for a couple of months and then cancel, this could be a good option to save some money but if not, it’s best to stay locked into the lower price!

As for setting up a bank of free months, I think it is best for everybody to hand out free months to people in their cycling community. If we give out free months, it’s not really expanding our reach (which is the point of the free months) because we will be giving them to people that are already aware of TrainerRoad. Although it would be great if we could just hand out free months to TR users, we need revenue to create more great features for you all! :slight_smile:


And not to mention there’s no such thing as a “free lunch” otherwise @Ian doesn’t get paid and defaults on his bike loan. Then the bank repos his steed and he settles for a junk fixie that he has to use in the local group ride. This is just a sad, slippery slope.


Thanks all, I would keep TRAINERROAD even if I never used it. It is a valuable tool to me for when I do use it. I just put 3 plans on my calendar, yeah me, now to get serious. I am thankful my price is grandfathered. I was kinda thinking that giving away what free months I had available at events might cause that/those user(s) to come on board. I will mention again to those I ride with outdoors in case their interest change. It may, after I complete my 3 plans.

I never meant to horde any, several years of health issues at various times actually kept me from being allowed to even raise my heart rate. As soon as I could then something else would occur. During those times I never even opened up TRAINEROAD. Like the milk commercial, 'things are looking up". Getting a plan together for next year has allowed me to look through my account and then I see the free months. I do not know if this is a program that is even still offered today but desiring for them to get used is the reason for the post.
My friends do not ride trainers.

Do you have an email for someone that has a trainer and is interested? We could offer a month to them.
Let me know.

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That’s a great idea @kjtrailrunner

I have a friend that would be interested in a free month! Could you help?

@Websta24 and @Ian I need an email addrees which offers a month of free trainer road. I guess it is a program that is still offered. One can only try.