For those that mistakenly believe that lab-based testing is the gold standard

(Stolen from Steve Palladino’s FB page )

PPP: The best predictor of performance is performance itself.

PPP: It’s an aerobic sport, dammit.*

*With apologies to the trackies and BMXers to whom this does not apply.


All I really read there was vo2max also has a cap for kids. Riding a bike long distances not improving 1 rep max squat isn’t all that surprising to me, as I have eyes. :smiley: Imagine a sprinter, a gc guy, a climber and a young rider on a podium of the tdf.
One could almost predict the jersey color from the shape of their legs. :wink:

Then imagine a track sprinter

But sure, let’s do some science! :smiley:

This is why the common man does a facepalm when they read scientific papers.


Bonus pictures Which are the marathoners, which the sprinters?

New study, does training to be an olympic marathoner improve 1 rep max squats in female track athletes? News at 11.

I think the outcome of the latter ‘study’ is that running marathons is ******* depressing based on those pics!

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haha. yeah, describe how you feel taking a picture in the sun after racing 26 miles vs. you just ran 100meters!


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This is the sort of stuff that gets done when your country/university really wants you to get into the research game, but isn’t sufficiently discerning about how the required resources are expended.

We’ll fix that. :smiley:
Here’s the moment of winning that marathon. :smiley: