For the triathletes... What is your "swim" looking like now that we're quarantined

I’ve been doing 2 rounds of Dave Scott’s Swim Band workout that he posted on Youtube.

I question whether there is any real benefit from them, but I guess its better than nothing

I’m going to give my .02. I may be wrong, but it’s my opinion, nonetheless. There is no substitute for getting in the water. I’ve missed so much swim training time, that I pray the CDA 70.3 will be canceled. I find this infuriating. I think for people who swim well might be able to “train” outside the water, but for me, no way

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I like @ambermalika’s advice for dryland work. I’m trusting the bike and running training will be “enough” and I’m focusing on shoulder strength through full range of motion by working with bodyweight exercises and bands. And body comp. I’m down like 3lbs in 3 weeks just from not being in the office. :laughing:


The lack of office snacks is definitely helping me too. I know I have no self control so don’t by anything.