Follow-up on AT

After posting this topic last week, i set up AT for the last week of build.
Today i did the first adapted workout and indeed AT made things much better, in line with my expectations for the last week of build from previous years.
The suggested VO2 Max workout was Dade -1, quite a bit harder than the standard from the plan (Dollar Law); and finally i got back the real challenge i know these 120% for 2 (or even 3) minutes are!
These are the efforts i could not quite do without TR or something similar: i can get to the end because i trust the system telling me i can do so. They are so hard but you then get in a peculiar zone where you can just keep going a bit more. I’m sure most of you know all this and more all too well :laughing:
Last note: to complete these efforts, breathing is key and it took me several workouts before to find a more effective way to breathe; even today it took a few intervarls to really get it back (to me it feels like a big open pipe from the working diaphragm to the mouth, if it makes any sense).
These things and the mental strength are some of the better improvements i get with TR; and with AT seems like i can taylor the plans again to get to my limits.


Oh yeah, sounds like you are doing it correctly, then! :smiley: You know you’re doing VO2max work if you feel like you’re almost drowning during the interval!

Good work!

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