Flobikes Subscription Issues - Renewal

Be careful with Flowbikes subscription renewals. Just noticed yesterday a $150 yearly renewal. Since there is no live racing because of COVID-19, I contacted Flowbikes to cancel. They cancelled and are going to not refund me the full $150 renewal fee. The will refund me $150 but also charge me$29.99 for one month rate because I did not cancel before the renewal date. Because if this I will never use their service ever again. Be careful with the company. Just want to make you aware.


Since you had missed cancelling before the renewal date you would usually be on the hook for the full year. Only charging you a month sucks but it seems like reasonable middle ground to me.

A good reminder though to cancel every subscription you may not be using during the pandemic

Thanks for the timely reminder @Jim126! Mine was set to renew next month now that I looked.