Flanders Wheel Choice (Flo)

I’m heading to Flanders in April for the second time. First time I did it on a set of Pacenti aluminum rims. Those have since broken, and I’ve been riding FLO 45s full time for about two years, I love them!! Has anyone ridden Flanders on FLOs or other 40mm carbon wheels? How do they hold up? I’m a bit nervous about possibly damaging them on the cobbles and not being able to finish - I’ve found them to be pretty bomb proof with rough roads and potholes and such (Chicago roads), and I don’t remember the cobbles actually being too terrible, but I’m paranoid.

I have the Clydesdale build on the rear wheel, for what’s it’s worth (though my weight is actually just under the threshold where it’s recommend). I have 28mm Specialized roubaix tires mounted (with tubes) at about 80-85 psi front and rear.

Likewise, thoughts on aluminum (zipp) vs carbon (Easton aero) handlebars?

Would go wider than 28mm if you can. Wheels should be fine. Not sure there is likely to be much if any ride difference between bars so I’d stick with what’s on there, swapping them is a lot of hassle.

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The super conservativecanswer would be tied and soldered 32h box rims that any belgian shop hack could fix

or any decent prebuilt alloy set - mavic or hed, say.

I pile the miles on HED alloy, and I’ve travelled to germany and france with them. comfortable on crap roads and any shop can replace a spoke. I save the carbon for race day.

Thanks. Wider than 28s likely won’t clear, though those tires get pretty wide on that rim. Did it on 25s the first time…