Fizik R4b and Favero Assioma - clipping in issue

Hi all,

Just bought brand mew Fizik R4b shoes - they are comfy and all, so i decided to keep them.

Installed Look cleats I had on my old shoes and i found I cannot clip in, where same cleats on old shoes have no problem at all. Mounted brand new Assioma cleats and same story, cant clip in with these Fiziks.

Anyone experienced that with these shoes? Any advice to share? Otherwise i would have to return them, what would be a pity.


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Is the shoe interfering with the pods?


Not in any visible manner and that’s the tricky part - not sure why i cannot clip in. Even more strange - i can (somehow) clip in with left shoe and not with right one (assioma cleats, with look’s i have issue with both).

Browsed intermet and didnt find any solution except one page (Fizik R4B - Deals ($111), Facts, Reviews (2021) | RunRepeat) reportinv that some users experienced what i have.

I would assume with Assioma cleats you mean the ones that come in the box, in other words the Xpedo cleats? I’ve read about people finding it hard to clip in with the Look cleats because they differ slightly from the original ones.

As far as I know shoes shouldn’t prevent the clip in from happening. I would suggest putting your bike in a stand or something and trying to clip in the shoes by hand… just to see if and why any obstructions occur.

Thanks @AlexVK, yes, i mean Xpedo cleats coming with the pedals.

So far I use Look cleats with the Assiomas and found them easy to clip in/out with my old shoes, so i dont blame the cleats themselves.

Anyway, after couple of tries and moving the spring in the pedal to lower tension side i’m able to clip in, but it is still harder that with my old shoes - it feels like these Fiziks needs to „settle in” a bit.