Fitting issues MTB on Flux smart

Hi All, Now that the weather improves I’m switching back to my race bike for outside cycling and want to put my MTB on the Flux smart. My MTB is a Cube Attention 10 speed and I’ve tried everything including the tacx2835 adapters but still the derailleur doesn’t run smoothly.

Anyone with the same issue? anyone with advice?

Thanks in advance!

Expand on this. Give us more detail in order to help you.

Are you talking about poor shifting and chain indexing on the cassette?

Maybe a small range road cassette with 25 or 28 as the biggest cog, while the original mtb cassette has a 42? In that case the b tension screw would be way off.

But we indeed need more info!

My MTB has 2 cogs in front so actually 20 speed. I put the same kind of cassette that I have on the bike on the flux as well, a shimano 11-36t 10 speed. It seems I can’t get it aligned.

Are you performing appropriate and typical cable tension adjustments to fine tune the rear derailleur alignment?

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