Smart trainers and oversized pulley wheels

Does anyone have experience with which smart trainers work with oversized pulley wheels?

I currently have a Tacx Flux S and have recently fit an aftermarket OSPW system.

As a result when in the small chainring I am not able to get into the largest cog on the rear as the chain rubs against the leg support.

When in the large chainring, it’s even worse. I can only really get halfway up the cassette before the chain/derailleur actually hits and rubs the trainers support leg.


Hope you don’t have a bent derailleur hangar. This would exacerbate any derailleur cage rubbing issues. You can check by eyeballing how parallel the cage vs cassette is when standing a few steps back behind the bike.

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The issue isn’t the rubbing left to right, it is the rubbing on this area due to the longer/larger derailleur cage. Hope that makes sense, should have added a photo in the first place #facepalm

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Oh I see. My Direto has more clearance than that. Just an idea, you may be able to temporarily “hack it” by using an extra link in the chain.

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I’ll have a look at the Direto, I have friend who has one so that may be an option.

Only problem with adding a chain link is when I ride it on the road the chain would be too loose. Didn’t think of that though, thanks. 2 chains (one trainer and one road) with quick link could be an option.