Finished build phase with 11 weeks to climb event, what should be my next?

Hello everyone,

I will have an event in 9/20 which will be a long climb with 55km distance and 2800m elevation. I have completed following plans from past October, which was my first time for power training:

  1. 18’ Oct: SST base mid I
  2. 18’ Nov: SST base mid II
  3. 19’ Jan: Traditional base mid II
  4. 19’ Mar: Sustained power build mid
  5. 19’ May: SST base low II + weekend out ride to fulfill 500 TSS per week

My cycling life began from May last year. FTP moved from 183W to current 212W since past October(Thanks to Coach Chad.)

Now there is only 1 week to finish my SST base low II. Here is the question, I am wondering should I go Sustained Power BUILD or Climb SPECIALTY phase for next?

In my understanding, sustained power build is much more like SST which is mostly aim at threshold and VO2max. And it seems that climb specialty combined with wider zone range from tempo to anaerobic. Is climb specialty fits me more since there are only 11 weeks to my event? Or is it any suggested plan combination if I prefer 1-2 weeks for fine tune and rest before the event?

Thank you in advance for suggestion!

I would look at doing the sustained power build as it is 8 weeks long, that will take you to two weeks prior to your event and then I would start the Climb specialty.

The build phase will make you stronger, but also wear you down. The two weeks prior and including your event gives you chance to recuperate.

Other questions that come to mind are: Is the event a race? What are your goals for it? Have you thought about what you want to get out of it? How steep is the gradient?

The event will be 55km distance with 2800 elevation and 5.5% gradient.

I have an estimation by my w/kg data and it shows 4hr finish time with 2.4 w/kg & 158w in average. That would be my goal which means I prefer focus more on my tempo zone sustainability rather than raising my FTP.

With such goal setting, will you give the same suggestion of 8 weeks sustained power build?


start hitting some of that speciality, you want tempo (z3) through anaerobic (z6) at this point; you have a lot of base.

also, too much of just sweet spot and you’ll stagnate. We need different stimulus.

So, with 11 weeks to go, you could:
week 1-3 train
week 4 rest
week 5-7 train
week 8 rest
week 9 train, kitchen sink
week 10, less volume, some high intensity
week 11, slight taper

for longer events you dont want to taper too much, or you’ll feel stale.

In the training weeks, start to work on weaknesses and anything that is event specific.

let us know how it goes. If you need help with anything, just let me know. Cheers!

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Thanks for your inspiring advice! I really feel that i am stagnate recently and maybe hit some so called SST ceiling.

As a rookie that have no coach, very less knowledge and only thought of following the TR, I have two question:

  1. I am wondering if I can really enhance my tempo ability through anaerobic training? If any knowledge or explanation about the idea can share with me?

  2. Also, since I am poor at choosing/building my own workout, would you suggest me any plan in TR base on your idea? Or any suggestion about how to build one?

Thank you very much! I am enlightening about the idea and looking forward for your further sharing!

Century plan!

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Completed Stelvio GF with Sustained plus Century Plans. Then it was piece of cake :woozy_face:

“kitchen sink” ??? :thinking:

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no sir, I was saying you want to incorporate everything from tempo through anaerobic, so zone 3, 4, 5, and 6 based on classic zones.

Nate said Century plan, so that one!

Let me know if you have other questions! Good Luck!

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A long ride that hits every energy system.

It would go something like 1 hour Z2, 4x5min V02 intervals, 1 hour zone 3, 6x1min intervals and then sprints in the fourth or fifth hour and finish it off with some more Z2 or something to that effect.

It is a super advanced ride though and probably not something you should do unless you have a couple of years of good training behind you.

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