Feedback to TR on Outdoor Workouts fixes required

It seems feedback to TR on fixes required for Outdoor Workouts are spread over a few different posts and a number are not acknowledged by TR, so it is unclear whether they have been picked

Can we have a single thread that is monitored by TR and acknowledged when they have fixed it? Failing that, would they prefer all issues are fed back via the support desk?

Hey there!

For reporting bugs or any type of glitchy behavior you are experiencing with Outside Workouts, please shoot us an email at so that we can look into the issue, and properly report the bugs through our internal channels. The Support Team has an organized system in place that helps to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks, so they are your best resource when it comes to bugs.

As for other feature requests, we recommend creating a separate thread in the “TrainerRoad Software” category, tagged with the #feature-request tag. Be sure to use the search function first though to see if a similar feature request already exists.

Once a Feature Request thread is created, users can voice their support and talk about specifics while us TR employees can chime in on how it is prioritized or if it is something that we are interested in doing.

By placing each request in a separate thread, it remains more organized than a mega-thread of all the suggestions dumped at random, and it makes it much easier for us to keep up with them :slight_smile:


As of now, it seems like we have two commonly asked questions.

Q: Can I push my custom workout my head unit to be completed outside?
A: Here is the answer directly from Nate:

Q: Why can’t I push the exact indoor workout to my head unit? Sometimes it changes the name and intervals slightly.
A. We have exact outdoor versions for each interval workout that is part of a TrainerRoad training plan, and we are working on bringing this capability to all of our workouts. The problem is that we have to rebuild them into a format that can be sent to both Garmin and Wahoo head units, and that requires some manual rebuilding. And since we have so many workouts, this takes some time.

In the meantime, we have one-to-many relationships with all of the remaining of the workouts, which allows you to complete a similar (but not identical) workout outside that targets the same energy system as the planned indoor ride.

Also worth mentioning is that endurance workouts will always have a one-to-many relationship since the interval structure does not differ much between workouts. They are mostly focused on duration, so there is no need to build one-to-one relationships for each and every endurance workout.

I hope this helps clear things up a bit!