Feature wishlist: add extra user controlled intervals to allow adapting intervals to terrain/routes

If weather cooperates, I train 100% outdoors. I’ve noticed many of the workouts I’m assigned are slight variations on a theme, so, for example, 3x20 sweet spot intervals become 3 sets of 5-10 minute efforts near sweet spot possibly broken up with very short rests. I’d like to find a way to take that concept (you’re doing a long effort broken up with x small breaks) and let me hit the lap button for the breaks so I can time them to match my ride (stop sign, descent, whatever).

Currently, TR always lets me hit a lap button before sets which is great, but there’s no workouts with adjustable sets themselves, which is what I could really use. In the rolling terrain I’m in, it’s often the case that by adding or subtracting one or two minutes or less, I could get a much better experience.

I’ve long dreamed of creating workouts by mileage so I can tailor them to my routes, but the lap button trick for starting sets makes me think there may be a much simpler solution possible. I realize the Garmin doesn’t have a UI to really allow adjustments, so what I’m thinking is simply to create workouts that have optional extensions at the end of efforts or something along those lines. I believe Garmin makes it relatively easy to skip ahead already, so maybe all I need is a way to extend?

This feels like the natural evolution of outdoor rides. My sense is that TR has done a lot of work to help adjust intervals to fight monotony on indoor rides. For outdoor rides, monotony is not a problem, but figuring out how to adjust to the reality of gradients and traffic laws can be :slight_smile: