Feature request - workout time line zoom

Would it be possible to incorporate a pinch to zoom feature into the workout time line? It’s difficult to see how your power matches the prescribed output particularly on a mobile device and being to zoom in would be a useful feature. Thanks.

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For clarity, are you asking for this in the “live” workout?

Works on iPhone with Safari web browser:

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Yeah, it works after completing a workout and viewing on the web.

I think he is asking for the same basic function during the actual workout, not afterwards.

Hey Missouri!

We understand that on mobile devices, it can be tough to see how well your power is tracking the target power. That’s why we have the second, more zoomed in interval view to allow you to see the interval in more detail.

Is your requested feature to be able to zoom this view in even further?

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Just to piggy-back on this :smiley: I was thinking about this last week. For me, the pinch zoom would be useful to zoom out just enough to see how many intervals I have left in workouts like Gendarme +9. Right now, I either get the completely zoomed out view or it zooms in on the individual short interval.

Hi, Bryce. To confirm, it was during the workout where I was after more clarity. I can only apologise, because I have only ever set my phone up in landscape mode and the additional zoomed view isn’t shown. I didn’t even realise that it’s there when viewing in portrait! Problem solved, thank you.


Of course, I’m happy to help :slight_smile:

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