Feature Request: Workout Progressions

I think it would be great if there was a way to see the workout progressions for particular classes of workouts. I know there is a set progression for VO2 intervals, over-unders, short-shorts, etc; I can see it from the way the plans are built. But for purposes of curiosity, off-season planning, and plan modifications, it would be fabulous to have a quick way to see what the previous and subsequent workouts in a series are.


Excellent idea! I combed through the catalog and found the progression of 20s sprints.

Haku > Shasta > Berryessa > Fiji > Mount Tai


We agree! A feature that will help with visibility like this is something we’ve been looking into and working on. :sunglasses:


Would definitely help customizing my own plans! +1

Hello Ivy, any news on this?

Also a question I can not found the answer in the forums, I heard that there is an FTP predictor or estimator, Is this right?

Thank you

  • No, that is not right.

  • FTP Prediction was mentioned by Nate in the Adaptive Training Introduction episode as something they WANT to do, but it is not available now.

    • It was listed like other “wish list” items that were also mentioned in that episode like HRV Tracking, Sleep Tracking and such. None of those are present at this time, just like FTP prediction is not there right now.

Thank you Chad, as always quick and great help from your side!!!

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No updates at the moment unfortunately. We’re working on refining what features we have in AT currently as a development priority before working on new features.
Thanks for checking in!

Thank you Ivy

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Last year I created an FTP predictor based on self-reported TR user data. Not endorsed by TR in any way, just a best effort from a user and out of curiosity. Wanted to know what a realistic goal for an (aging) cyclist is.