Feature Request - Smart Instructional / Motivational Text

Hi everyone,

While using TR over the past couple of weeks, i’ve been thinking about how the instructional text could be improved to be both smarter and more motivational.

It would involve realtime monitoring (which I assume is happening anyway due to the colour changing power requirement bar) and a whole new bank of preset instructions, triggered based on how you are performing.

A few examples that came to mind - taking an interval based session as the subject:

Instead of:
“1 minute to go, keep it up” during an interval,

if the interval is going well you could have a message like:
“well done <<first_name>>, you are right on target power for this interval - only 1 minute to go”

or if power is starting to drop, something like:
“one big effort <<first_name>> - don’t let that power drop - only 1 minute to go”

Then during the rest period between intervals you could have a message based on performance so far:
"great effort so far <<first_name>>, you have hit XX% of the target power output required so far - keep it going
“you are XX% down on overall target power so far - only X intervals to go - try to make them the best yet”

Moving this onto the next level, at the end of the week, TR could analyse the weeks training to see how close you are to hitting all targets and present a weekly stat summary - making it easy at a glance to see how training is going and think about whether you need to take a break, or maybe increase intensity.

I know this is quite simple in terms of analysis (but would still be a mountain of work to implement!).
TR is absolutely fantastic as it is, but think this would personalise the experience so much more and make it actually feel like 1:1 coaching.

Just my point of view of course, and would be interested to hear any other thoughts on how TR could be made “smarter” as such.

I know @Nate_Pearson did tease something about using the power of their big data, so plans may already be in place which dwarf my little idea, but it can do no harm to put it out there at least!

TR continues to get better and better - and this forum has provided a wealth of knowledge and opinion. Long may it continue.

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Smarter text would be good, as I use my mobile for TR on a Wattbike it would be great if when it talked about the upcoming interval it mentioned what Watts you would be hitting - e.g. ‘Next interval in 1 minute, you will be starting out at 270 watts’

Thanks so much for sharing your request!

Customized workout text is not currently on our Development Roadmap due to some other major projects and, as you mentioned, pretty complicated implementation. That being said, I think it is a really cool idea and I will mention it to our Product Managers for future consideration. As the Development Team completes current projects, we are always looking for new and impactful features and I feel that this could really help to increase motivation mid-workout.

Regarding your weekly summary concept, this is something that we are very much interested in doing at some point in the future. In other words, it’s in the queue :+1:

Thanks again!

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Thanks for taking the time to reply @Bryce and for passing on the ideas.

You guys already probably have much better plans already in the pipeline anyway, but its always good just to put these things out there - you never know what it might lead to!

Keep up the fantastic work.