Feature request.. rename freerides after the fact and add laps button

it would be awesome to add a lap button to freerides and also if we could rename it later. Rather than it always be called freeride 60.

The rename option would be nice to have. The workaround I use is to add info in to he “Notes” section for the source of the ride.

For “laps” you can manually add intervals per these instructions:

Are you suggesting the option to have a “Lap” button DURING the actual Freeride workout so it shows without doing the info above?

Thats correct a lap button in the ride. That way I can freelance workouts and just do my intervals when I feel good and still have a timer.

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OK, the lap button already has an open request.

Best if you go there and add your comments and/or +1 to vote for the existing request.

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