Feature Request: Personal Records for 2+ Bikes

Please let me know if/how this feature already exists. I have a tri/TT bike and a road bike and I ride both throughout the year based on my racing schedule. My FTP on my road bike is 10-15 watts higher than my TT bike FTP. I would like to compare “apples to apples” when looking at my PR records. Is there/can there be a way to assign a type of bike to each workout/ride and then only view PRs for a specific bike? I know the easier solution (for TR, not me) is work to make my FTP the same on both bikes :sweat_smile: I’ve been working on that for a few years now. Thanks!

Is this closely related enough to combine with this one?

And related in the “multi-FTP” idea here:

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I’m not sure. I’m not looking for multiple user profiles, but having different bike profiles. Your FTP, ride PR/history would be tied to the bike profile and not the user profile. Is that related…might be the same concept but worded differently??


I see it as multiple FTP period. May be linked to Inside vs Outside (we’ve seen this request more than once) as well as differences in bikes (TT, Road, MTB, etc.). We’ve even seen requests for different FTP for the delta in power values from smart trainers and various power meters.

So the reason and link to any given FTP may be driven by at least those 3 reasons (and likely more), and lead a person to want different data, thresholds, zones, etc. based on equipment and/or conditions.

Yeah, I agree. That makes sense.


The huge problem I see with multiple bike profiles is multiple people sharing the same account.

I don’t think it’s going to happen and it makes perfect sense.

My only observation is that I have three bikes that produce three distinct FTP numbers when I test on them. So I gotta futz around with the workout intensity when riding a bike I can’t crank out max sustained watts on. It’s a major, major PITA.

But I understand the business motivation for NOT having the feature. So I never complain (publicly) about it.