Let's kick around a feature idea: different power profiles for different bikes

I want an easy way to track my power/workouts on my Tri bike vs my road bike. That’s the short of it. I’m sure I’m not the first user to bring this up!

Not 100% sure what it should look like…I guess I’m thinking about a pull down tab on the analytics ‘personal records’ chart that allows me to compare based on Tri bike only…tri bike vs road bike…road bike only. Just an easy way to know, hey, I was on my road bike for this workout or I was on my tri bike for this workout.

That’s the basic request.

But beyond that I’d like any easier way to adjust a workout when I’m on my tri bike vs road bike. I don’t generate as much power when I’m on my try bike in an aero pos’n. But my TR FTP is set based on a MAP test I did on my road bike. So whenever I do a workout on my tri bike I have to manually adjust the workout to suit my ‘tri bike FTP’.

It would be super nice to have a way to select a bike at the start of the workout & have all that stuff worked out.

So far as I know, no other training software is able to do this.

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Hey @Brennus,

We think this would be a pretty cool feature as well. We have considered multiple profile support in the past, however, the development effort that it would take to fully build out multiple power profiles is very high. Since a majority of our users train on a single bike, it makes sense for us to focus our limited resources on features that will impact a larger amount of our athletes :pensive:

Aside from that, adding multiple profiles exposes us to the risk of multiple users using the same account with different bike profiles, which would violate our terms and conditions, but would be tough to track and enforce.

Thanks so much for sharing your suggestion with us though, we really appreciate it.