Feature request - Multiple FTP profiles

Yes, that is a nice writeup, and they seem to be of the view that different indoor and outdoor FTP test results are not a result of difference power at MLSS, but rather other physiological areas unrelated to your actual anaerobic threshold.

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thats my take away.

Now, that said. Having different profiles for different bikes and setup does make sense.

This is exactly the issue. My power meter on my outdoor bike reads differently to my trainer, by a reliable amount. I’ve tested the two (tacx flux and stages crank) together, and the offset is predictable.

Short of changing my FTP every time I go outdoors, my outdoor workouts are impossible (because the power meter is reading 8% low), and my outdoor TSS is counting about 8% below.

Thanks for the bump on this feature request! There are definitely a lot of moving parts to make this feature happen, but I’ll reiterate this to them for sure. I can see how managing and updating your FTP before each ride accordingly would be arduous, and how switching a ‘profile’ would help tremendously in that scenario!


It doesn’t even have to be that complicated. Just build in a field where we can input an FTP offset for outdoor rides. Like right beside the checkbox to mark a ride as outdoor, put field to select an offset…

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I know I’m in a super small subset of TR users here, but I use TR for both indoor biking and my VasaErg swim machine workouts. It would be awesome to have two different FTPs so that I don’t have to manually change between bike FTP and swim FTP multiple times a week. It would also be nice to be able to track the two separate FTP histories over time.


I’ve requested that feature too. Nothing more frustrating than to realize after a workout you forgot to change the setting for both ftp and wheel size.
To have the option of keeping separate histories would be nice.

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This opens up the possibility to share accounts between people. Not so good from business perspective.

Sucks when one bad apple (yet to spoil even?) ruins the batch.

I get the concern, but it is quite lame that it may prevent legitimate users with 2 or more devices from handling what is currently a messy problem in their own tracking.


I come from the country where Ikea has had to remodel a couple of times its queue scheme and selling process for hot-dogs, because people were circumventing the system for toppings on the hotdogs. So I deeply understand their stance :wink:

If that’s your concern then just have option for multi sports for example ( Bike,Vasa) but have them all lumped together in the same feed.

Multisports is completely different thing. Probably you can also have device registration as in vod services. But as I said- I always assume people will cheat somewhat and probably there is no solution than be cheat-proof and you calculate these people into your company losses.

If or when TrainerRoad ever has a multi-sport option I will just continue to use my reminder signs saying “Change WHEEL/FTP ?” :grin:

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