[Feature Request] Lock phone / tablet screen during workout


It should be possible to lock the screen from accidental touches during workouts. It could be as opt-in (lock by pressing a button or a gesture) or opt-out (locked by default on a workout start, unlock by pressing a button or a gesture).

Background of this request:

  • I found that when I make a stand spring, sweat dripping on my iPad is causing unintentional presses, which causes either opening Intensity change widget or going to equipment list (which pauses the workout)
  • Today I thought that to prevent these accidental touches I will cover the screen by my (equally sweaty) towel. It turned out to be worst idea ever as the workout got finished… 20 minutes before real end (at least it got synced). I was trying to continue the training but there is no resume option and I was not aware of fast-forward functionality.

For last couple of weeks I’m a devoted user of TR. Using it on iPad and like it as is - no major complains. Except this one, which I considered as a small annoyance. But today this small annoyance grew into a real problem.

I wonder if anybody else has same observations? If yes - how you deal with this problem?

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+1 to this.

Using a tacx sweat cover with smartphone pocket I have paused the ride and also managed to alter intensity, just with dripping sweat!

Not sure it is possible though…

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Not sure if it’s available in iOS but it’s could be the same feature as the water lock on WatchOS

Totally same problem for years. I tried a bike mount with a rain cover, the sweat just pooled on it. Towel wiping didn’t really solve it.

I try to prop my phone on a golf bag in front of the bike but it’s a hassle and you always have someone WhatsApp you in the middle of a session so you have need to bring it on to the bars at some point.

Such a point is always when a glob of sweat drops onto the screen in the middle of an interval and sends it to the power meter config screen and pauses the session. Triply annoying when it’s a ramp test.

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You might try going to your Settings App then General then Accessibility then scroll down to Touch Accommodations. Enable Touch Accomodations then enable Hold Duration. This will require long screen touches to use your phone (you can adjust the length of time too). Might help with the sweat droplets or it might not. Worth a try though…


Thank you, definitely will give a try.

Let me know if it solves the issue as I am curious :smiley_cat:

This is a great idea, thanks so much for sharing!

I have passed this suggestion onto our Product Managers for consideration :slight_smile: