Sauce for Strava

So there’s a browser extension called Sauce for Strava that simply put, tweaks some of the appearance of strava pages, and exposes more data and adds visuals on your own and other riders’ activities. I don’t know too much as I just found it yesterday and I don’t see it mentioned at all in the forum. It’s really cool how much more this plugin adds to the strava site and everyone should check it out. You may be sharing more to other strava users than you think. Here’s their site with a quick walkthrough video:

Edit: This got flagged for spam, I don’t know how appease whoever flagged it. Just wanted to bring this tool to other cyclists’ attention


I use it. Its great.


Use it all the time it gives you things that you usually have to pay for in strava which is awesome!

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thanks, I’m going to install and use!

It’s a pretty great tool. It’ll give you NP for selections on the analysis which is cool. It also puts the comments on the ride overview screen so you don’t have to click the button and they recently added a button to kudo all rides on your feed. It doesn’t do anything revolutionary but it’s a lot of features that just elevate Strava a notch.

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I installed it ages ago and had forgotten just how forlorn regular old Strava looks without it. It is a fantastic tool.

Apart from being great for ride analysis, they recently added the ability to measure your kJ output equivalent in beers or pizza or a whole bunch of other foods, giving you reward ideas for your efforts!

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I heard it mentioned only for the first time yesterday. Being a stats junkie, I’ll check it out cheers :+1:

Installed after reading, checked out a few rides including today’s and looks like a great extension to Strava. Thx for this thread!

Lol,it could make me an alcoholic, I deserve 6 beers after tonight’s workout :rofl:


premise: I use sauce and it’s really cool.

Just had a question: is it possible to hide ftp and weight for public activities?

I’ve never had any comments on it (weight/FTP), that leads me to think its only visible if you’ve installed the plugin and I can only see the Sauce stats on my own PC where I’ve installed Strava Sauce.

That sounds about right on how it works currently.

As long as you have the extension installed you are able to see someone else’s FTP and weight. Without extension using another browser nothing is displayed.

There are also some codes in the advanced options with people’s last known weight and ftp.

I was wondering then how to hide that info as I cannot seem to find an option to do so.

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I’ll have to check my personal pc tonight now :joy:

Looks great, I’m going to try it out