Feature Request: Ability to change order of workouts

Trying to put a warm up workout in before my productive workout but it won’t let both workouts be scheduled on the same day without having the more intense one come first.

Have you tried moving the hard one to tomorrow, adding the warm up workout , then moving the hard one back where it was?

Edit: I just load the one I want. I never had to do them in order.

That order of adding / shuffling won’t matter. The default sorting always places the highest TSS workout on top from what I have seen.

What does work is assigning at least one “Start Time” for the workout that you want to be first. This example below is me setting the easier workout at 12:30am without even setting a time for the higher TSS one that ends up last.

Practically, you can set a reasonably close time to the planned start for each one (15 min gaps are pretty flexible), or you can just set a first / last type of order.

I believe this also impacts the exporting of the TR calendar to stuff like Google and Apple calendars, so they can show up within each day appropriately. But this “hack” seems to solve the issue from what I have tried.


The workout order doesn’t matter. When you are ready to do your workout go to the calendar view and just pick the warmup. Problem solved