Sequencing of two workouts per day

Some days I do two workouts. Usually Scotty as a “warm up” and then another.

I have noticed that I get offered the other workout first when I log into the TR app.

I think that is because (by coincidence) the other workout’s name comes before Scotty alphabetically and the TR app presents them alphabetically. (I might be wrong on that)

The inconvenience of dealing with that is very minor, but if there is a way to mark / change which workout I am presented with first, please tell me how.

Yup, you can set a “Start Time” for any/all workouts within the workout dialog:

Default sorting I think, is from TSS with higher on top.

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Hey @ivegotabike :slight_smile:

Let me find out why that is and get back to you!

I have a feeling that it’s probably prioritizing the higher duration workout/TSS like @mcneese.chad pointed out. You can use the Start Time option as a workaround when adding your workouts to the Calendar.

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And we were on point!

When multiple TR workouts are scheduled on a day without a defined start time, we sort them by TSS. You can set a start time for the workouts to force them to display in the desired order.

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Thank you both.

It is rare for me to know the start time much in advance, but it is always before 1900. So I am going to try setting Scotty for 1900 and the next ride for 1930 and see if that fixes it for me. It will be interesting to see what happens if I start at, say, 1000

If the start time box had an option for “first” as well as clock times, that would do it

If the prioritisation by TSS could be reversed, that would also do it

But this is too trivial to warrant being on the development list really, very much an edge case personal preference thing.

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The time is largely irrelevant. The main benefit per your original comment is that you can set the order by setting them by that time. Doesn’t matter when you really do them in the day.

Just think of it as a “sorting tool” for your purpose and set them in the order you prefer.

  • Use the very first time in the drop-down window for the 1st workout, then the next for the following workout in your order.

Good it got sorted out but from different angle: why not simply do single workout and extend warmup there? TR app has button for this and if you use headunit instead, those can postpone main intervals as well.

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I could do that (I don’t have a head unit), but I do like Scotty as an opener.

I only use it on the two days per week that I do “hard” workouts afterwards and I’ve ridden it enough times now that it gives me an early indication of how cooked I am going to be by the end of the main workout.


So the proposed solution about scheduling the workouts doesn’t seem to work. Maybe someone else can try and replicate?

Add Scotty to your calendar today scheduled at, say, 1500 and then add Dorr+3 to your calendar scheduled at, say, 1700

Open up the TR app on your ipad

What workout are you presented with?

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Hey @ivegotabike!

Yup, you’re right. It looks like we’re running into a bug here. Nice catch!

On the Web Calendar it shows correct, but on the app version it still shows the higher TSS as the first workout.

I will bring this up with the bugs team for fixing and let you know what they say.


Hey guys!

We’ve created a bug report for this so that the developers can fix it when they get the chance. Thanks for bringing it to our attention @ivegotabike! :raised_hands: