Favorite Split-Nose Saddle for Road?

I’m still searching for my perfect saddle. Like lots of folks I gather, the saddles I ride outside with minimal discomfort cause numbness and discomfort on the trainer.

Can anyone recommend a split-nose saddle that you like for road riding? I used to happily ride an ISM on my TT bike indoors on the trainer for up to 2.5 hours, but have long since sold that bike and saddle. Now I only ride one road bike
On the trainer, and am wondering if a split-nose saddle is the way to go.

Anecdotes and suggestions from others riding split-nose saddles on road bikes would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I am in the process of trialing the Bontrager Hilo then will test out the Fizik Mistica. I know authorized Fizik retailers will allow you to try their saddles and shoes. So that may be a good place to start.

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I’m getting both Dash Strike and Stage saddles this week under their test program. I’ll let you know my initial and 2-3wk impressions of them. Currently using a Fizik Mistica on my TT bike and I’m still playing with the fit and my position to get comfortable on it. I think I’ve arrived at sort of a happy spot at around -2deg, but I still want to try the Dash to see how it compares.

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I have been using a Dash Strike on my road bike for a few years. It works very well for me, indoors and out.

I have the Stage on my TT bike. I like it even better than the Strike, but I can’t use it on the road bike. Maybe I have an unorthodox steering technique, but I find the narrow rear of the Stage makes riding no-hands tricky. Not enough side-to-side buttock leverage, or something.

Tried a Mistica, hated it.

Just did a 4.5hr trainer ride on my road bike with the Strike. Still need to play with adjustments, but man it was comfortable.

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Hi, any specific reason why you didn’t like it?

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Interested by other feedback on the Fizik Mistica. I am struggling to get it right (tilt and position).

I would be keen to know the size (normal or large) and tilt angle used by happy Mistica riders.

I ride an ISM Adamo and really like it. Have had it for like 6 years.

I use a Mistica now. Not perfect, but it seems to be keeping my perpetual saddle sores at bay. Usually I like a saddle in the middle of adjustment range and dead level or even a degree up. With the Mistica I’m most comfortable with it pushed WAY forward, and then sitting a little farther back on it than is my instinct, tilted down about a degree. Using size normal.

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