Saddle for time-trial

Does anyone have any experience with a Prologue Dimension Triox 143cm.?
I was thinking of the time-trial bike? Any ideas?



Saddles are highly personal, so what works for others may not work for you.

Whilst I haven’t tried that specific saddle myself, I did use one with a similar nose shape. It was ok for 1 hour-ish rides in TT position, but I found the lack of a ‘channel’ on the end of the saddle to put too much pressure on my soft tissue. I have since switched to a more split nose design (Bontrager Hilo Comp) and that made a big change in comfort. Again, this worked for me but it might not work for you. Best advise I can give is to experiment untill you find what suits you. Make sure to buy or borrow a saddle from a place that lets you return it after you’ve tried it for a certain period. Otherwise it can become quite expensive.

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No experience of the saddle you mention, sorry, @skakilpatrick but if it helps, my TT bike came with an ISM Adamo. Absolutely perfect for me. I have done TTs including 50s, 100s and 12 hrs on it and it is fine. No issues at all. Just make sure you have it level as they describe it, and set up as per the instructions on the ISM site. Also used same saddle on the velodrome.

MY road bikes have Fizik arione on them, just for reference. Had that saddle for 15 years or so. Never felt I needed to change that at all either.

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Thanks for the replies, at the moment my piriformis seems to be playing up. This might have come on me regardless of the saddle. I have been training in the TT position more than normal so it could just be a thing I need to adjust to. What maybe concerns me is the fact that I felt an annoying background pain. Pain might be too strong a word when I was doing continuous low watts work. Any advice or experience of what to do? I read someone said about standing up every five minutes is that recommended?

On the trainer or on the road?

If on the trainer, try elevating your front wheel more. Many people find that their outdoor TT position is not comfortable inside and need to elevate the front wheel to relieve some pressure / get comfortable.


Personally I did not get on with saddles that had a slot in them, like teh one you describe. I was more irritated by the slot edges, than a normal saddle. However the ISM type saddles don’t seem to cause the same problem with me. Maybe it is where teh slot closes that irritates me.

Questions @skakilpatrick, to reflect on…

  1. Have you recently changed saddles?
  2. How recently have you started TT turbo training?
  3. Have you considered simply raising your bars at teh front, and easing into a TT position over a period?
  4. Is the saddle at an angle. (A few degrees down is often OK, but a sharp drop can be worse than none at all)
  5. Have you tried swapping back to your road bike and training on teh hood (or drops) and seing if that makes a difference

Of course now you are irritated, any training might be worse, or no different, or make a difference. It is hard to keep variables constant. However if you are suffering, ease back would be my suggestion.

As @Fritso says, I too find it different riding on a Tt bike and being on the turbo. It just does not seem as easy to hold the position, but that might just be me…

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Good answers. The funny thing is on Saturday I went back to my road bike on the turbo and did an hour and half just doing continuous work. Then on Sunday I did the same for two hours. On the Monday I just did a short ride on the TT bike on turbo and thats when it flared up. Maybe I am wrong but I think because my back was sore which may have been caused by being in aero position all week but because of this I kept my back straight and did not sit in the normal position when I was on my road bike which may have done the damage to me. Don’t know just a thought. I actually don’t mind the TT bike but I suppose upper body strength is important.

No doubt about it that core strength is important.

Silly idea - swap your road bike sadle for your TT bike saddle and see how you get on (Just make a very clear note of the positon of the road bike saddle before you remove it).

I made a measuring device (basically a tall piece of wood), that I could stand next to the bike when it was on the turbo and level, that aligned with the bottom bracket centre (as a reference point) so I could measure my position accuratelyto compare the road bike and tt bike positions. Also to track changes in my TT bike position as the season progressed. Just an idea…

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+1 for the ISM Adamo or tt or PS1 or whatever it’s called these days…great if you get numbness in the tt position. Does have to be set up completely differently to other saddles though due to the cut off nose - very marmite though - you love them or hate them! :rofl:

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I had an Adamo saddle on my track bike. I found it really comfortable, but the short nose of the saddle left me feeling like I didn’t have as much control of the bike at high speed in the corners.

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Thanks Power13 I did not think about that so I must try it. A very good tip. Let you know how I get on.

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Hi Don
I was just wondering if you changed you saddle to the outdoor rides because of the cornering? What did you go for if you did?

Yeah, I replaced it with something… I think a Fizik Antares? If you’re a more competent bike handler than me you might get along with the Adamo. I did find it quite comfortable

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Just one simple idea.
When trying to change from a saddle model/type to a radically different one, be very patient and ready to tolerate an extended awkwardness feeling.

I had a 20 year fully faithful relationship with Selle Italia Flite type saddles and now I am fully into ISM but it took me about 7 to 10 rides to make it work.

Based on the first 3 or 4 rides, I would get back to the Flite without a blink. Even the legs were hurting in different spots with the ISM (and I mean HURTING).

I trusted my instinct and also liked a lot the new aero position that I was achieving so I insisted.

Never looked back since then.

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