Favero Assioma UNO - power balance


I have bought the Favero Assioma UNO as my first set of power meters.
Yesterday I did my first test with these and was a little confused.
For the last 2 years I have used my Elite Direto for winter training and everything is fine with that unit. Calibration etc etc
Yesterday I did a race in Zwift and had my Faveros only connected to my Wahoo-unit just to get the powerdata to compare in the end.
And I also did a test in a WO on TR with the same connection.

I have a history of a slipped disc in my back so my left leg is weaker, around 6-7%, than my right leg.

But the difference between my Direto wattage vs my Faveros where about 20% off from eachother.
Thats alot.

But I need to be able to compansate the weaker leg somehow, and I found in the Assioma-app that there is something called “power balance”.
I can adjust left-side upp and down.
But I dont know if I should try plus or minus 7,0 or 0,7 in the settings.
And will this change do anything positive to my problem with weaker leg?

Do you mean “power scale factor”? The adjustment function is created for the known significant different L & R leg lengths and in case you want to adjust power to align with trainer for consistent training intensity. But not sure if the feature could be functionable for Uno model?! Btw, you can try and see. + n % in L to check if total power increase n % in Uno model.


Sorry, yes you are correct. Power Scale Factor.

I will try to laborate with this.
In the app only the L-side is open for adjustment due to UNO, so I will try to see what ± does with this.

…but not surprising. Turbos and proper PMs often show large disparities.

Neither. Adding 7% power to your weaker leg wouldn’t achieve anything meaningful (other than inflating your FTP). Your power is what it is and artificially adjusting it is pointless. I would ramp test using the Assiomas and then move on to structured training.

Best of luck!

If the power source is on his left leg and it’s known to be 7% weaker than his right leg. Wouldn’t that mean his right leg (total power) is being artificially deflated? In which case shouldn’t he increase the L by 3.5% to compensate for the inaccuracy of the R?