Favero Assioma on gravel bike

Apologies for putting this under new topic but I am hoping for users’ feedback on using the Assiomas on gravel (NOT MTB). I am riding on mixed surfaces 70% road, rest rural fire road tracks. Avoid your typical MTB trails as I am simply not MTB rider. They are not designed for off road however I think it is due to the look keo cleats only not accuracy of power measurments? I looked at Garmin XC pedals and they seem to measure power in same way as assiomas only fit SPD cleats. If this is only difference I see no point of forking out extra cash for Garmin. Thank you for any thoughts from Assioma/Garmin users.

Until Favero comes out with a SPD version, I will use mine on my gravel bike. I would just consider the terrain you’re riding. It’s really only a pain if you’re having to dismount or unclip a foot on uneven ground. I’d also be very mindful of any pedal strikes. Otherwise it works great.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s simply down to the road pedal not power reading accuracy.

The look keo cleats (and any road cleat probably) will get chewed up by walking on gravel fast. But as long as you avoid going down MTB terrain where you can get pedal strikes that’s the only concern I would have.

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A couple of things to note:

  1. You can convert the Assioma’s to SPD’s with some specific pedal bodies. A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals [MTB SPD Hack] - #23 by rocourteau
  2. Assioma have teased a new Shimano pedal body for release in July
    Confirmed: Shimano-compatible Favero Assioma power meter pedals are on the way - CyclingTips Unknown at this stage whether this will be SPD-SL (road) only, or SPD (MTB) as well.

It’s totally known. Look at the teaser image or any of the news articles. They clearly say it’s the road version (SPD-SL).

As far as using them on gravel, I am doing so and there’s no issues. They handle the bumps with no power spikes (unlike some other power meters).

I did convert to SPD MTB pedal body for resistance to mud, walkability and life of the cleats.

Pedal strikes have only been an issue when I ride MTB trails and they have still held up well. However, I am risking it and I don’t recommend using them for MTB trails

There’s a post under @dcrainmaker article on the confirmation that suggests that they may be compatible with some SPD pedals if they’re compatible with the PD-R8000 SPD-SL pedals.

Reply 14…

It’s actually reply #15. Quoted below:

“ Looking at Shimano’s EV diagrams, the PD-R8000, ES600, M8100, M8120 and M8140 appear to all use the same spindle – just with different nuts. The spindle drawing looks the same, though the part numbers are different which I’m hoping is because they like to include the different lock nuts.

If that’s correct, and the new Favero Shimano spindle supports R8000 bodies, then the ability to get Power from reasonably-priced SPD road, gravel/CX/xc, trail/gravity AND flat pedal bodies is pretty exciting.”

If that’s true, that would be great as there doesn’t seem to be a flat pedal solution right now.

However, I suspect that Assioma will only sell the SPD-SL version, since they have only teased that. If they were planning on doing other bodies, I would think that they would hint at that because people are surely buying the Garmin ones for that feature.

But maybe it will be possible as a hack.

I guess we don’t know whether they’re supplying the pedal body or not at this stage though. If they’re not, it’s maybe not the warranty issue it is with the current hack.

I have been running converted Favero Assioma on my gravel bike for about a 1400miles. They are working flawlessly.
As other have said, the accuracy doesn’t seem affected by the vibration or bumps but it is hard to tell.

Converted you mean with the spd hack?

Yes. You can see what I did here:

And you use road shoes for that?

I have the Assioma’s converted to SPD using the MForce pedal bodies, and have been using them on my MTB. Not techy riding, more XC, and one 6 hour / 69 mile event on them. When on the trainer they match my TacX Neo 2T within 1 watt. Very happy so far.

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I have the Assioma with the Xpedo SPD pedal hack on my gravel bike and love it. The only caveat is to ensure the shoes and the meter body don’t rub and squeak. The first shoes I tried did and it was a problem. Changed shoes and no squeak.

I have the Xpedo SPD pedal hack with Assiomas also on my gravel bike. Earlier this month, I used them on Unbound! It rain for 1 r and lots of mud! I took them apart this weekend and cleaned them! They looked like new inside. Can’t complain!


Could you specify what body you use? I see different models and also on Weightweenies I believe, I saw a different axle design for the Ti version.

XPedo MForce 8 Ti
XPedo MForce 8 CR
XPedo MForce 3

What body works? All?

I use the CXR and that’s also what you see in the pic above.

Here’s a long thread on how to do it and what pedals work. A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals [MTB SPD Hack]


As mentioned above, I used CXR.
Keep on mind that a lot of the weight savings on the Pro versus normal come from the spindle which you will not use if you are using the Assioma spindle. Hence, not worth buying the expensive Pro versions in my opinion.


Thx! I see…isn’t the platform a bit more durable? It’s indeed a big price difference. Good point there! I see the body is titanium versus 6061 Forged Aluminum.