Favero Assioma Grease

Im just preparing to do some maintence to Favero Assioma and decide to check the manual before i do that together with some videos on the net (GPLama and Their official video)

So few questions:

  1. In the manual is the explicitely stated to dont grease the threads where nut is going

“Pay attention not to grease the thread”

So how most of u proceed here?

Totaly dry as stated in the manual?

Just a thin film of some grease?

Maybe just a very slight of drop of lube or grease?

Antiseize (Loctite or Copper paste)?

  1. What kind of grease do u use for the spindle?

I was using in the past Motorex 2000, but now want to test Finish Line Premium Teflon grease…

So wondering what kind of grease most of u use for this application? I also have Lithium from Motorex, but im finding most of the lithium grease are hardening after few months…

Another option i have is Morgan Blue Competition…

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Totally dry

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Good to know, thanks for the question AND the answer @3pio and @jwellford .

Also, I’m feeling a little frisky on a Friday afternoon and wow, this is one of the few occasions in life when one asks “is it better to use lube or go in dry” and the correct answer is “dry”. :wink:

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What is interesting is that comment: “Pay attention not to grease the thread” is added in newever manual revision version

For example in older revision (16C) https://fccid.io/2ATKD-ASSIOMA/User-Manual/Users-Manual-4371230.pdf there is no that comment…

So beeing totaly dry would not make problems in the future because of oxidation of threads etc? Or more chance of thread damage on the spindle?

I expected to see at least recommandation for loctite or any antiseize, but totaly dry got suprised me a little bit (based on overal experience regarding this and based on older manual revisions where this is not stated)…

But good that i checked the latest revision of the manual so will go this time dry as recommended…

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Wait, what?!?!

My manual also has the wording saying “Yes, do grease the spindle”

Wonder why they changed to dry, and if it only applies to newer ones? Anybody have any insights?

Just be aware to make difference between: “Grease the axle with lithium grease…” in both versions of manual (which is about bearing axle) and “Pay attention not to grease the thread” (which is about thread where u tighten the small nut at the end of the spindle), and which is added in newer version of manual as i can see (probably from mid 2020)…

So u still need to regrease where bearings have connection the axle and axle, but not any grease on threads where u tighten the nut…

My guess is that maybe they had issues with people over tighten that nut when greased and some damage because of that on the nut or maybe spindle (but from my observation for this to happen someone really need to try hard overtighting :slight_smile: ) so they changed to dry install (which is standard for torque values if it’s not mentioned wet thread)

Since there is contact steel/steel (both spindle and nut), not a problem with seize (like alloy/steel contact)… But still some potential problem with oxidation… In same this part look very nice protected from the water etc, so not likely to happen i guess…

But beside my theory i also wonder why they had to add that text in newer version of manual…