Fat and Happy; Where Do I Start?

I’m sure there is a post somewhere on here regarding this question but could not find anything in the search feature so forgive me if this is repetitive. I raced competitively for nearly 20 years, following strict training plans the last 5-7 of those. Was off the bike for about ten years until about a 16 months ago when I started LSD training on the road for 3 months then Sufferfest for about 4 months until a motorcycle accident put a stop to that. So been COMPLETELY off the bike for a year now but have a thorough history with interval training. So the question is where do I start… What training plan? I want to train 8ish hours a week 6ish days a week. Goal is to get into some road races mid season. Thoughts?


The Plan Builder is the right place to start.

You can pick some options on time and if you want to have specific event to target, or just work on fitness over time.