Fans with no power

Hi gang instead of hijacking the paincave thread I thought I’d start a new thread for this:

I live in a block of flats/apartments and train in a bike storage room that has no power sockets. Does anyone have any tips for rechargeable or USB powered fans I could use in conjunction with a powerbank battery?


Yikes. Can’t imagine you’ll find a fan with much force running on batteries. An extension cord is out of the question?

Hmmm, this is an interesting problem. Obviously powered fans will be much better, but something will be much better than nothing. There must be options that exist. Think of all the building sites that do not have power, but have hot workers in the sun all day long. I’d be researching lithium ion fans (that run off power tool batteries) like this one I’d go check it out in the store and see if it might be workable, it’s pretty cheap so might be worth it to take a flyer on. Another avenue you might want to explore would be a small generator. I don’t know if the noise and smell make this a non-starter, but it’s definitely something worth looking into a bit to see what the options are.

If you’re using Kreitler rollers, look into the Kreitler Killer Headwind fan. That thing puts out some serious fan power. I can’t do really hard intervals on my rollers, but they’re great for steady state workouts.

Did a quick bit of looking around on the generator/battery angle. You can get camping batteries that could be workable. Charge it up during the day and power fans/trainers for workouts. Something like this

That might be something that could work.

Totally thought you meant you you were a fan of the podcast who was unfit! :thinking:

hahaha i may have had a coach chad-esque friday evening loosener :innocent:

Thanks Julian, I’ll have a look.

Maybe: A car battery (12V with about 50-60 Ah), an inverter (12V -> 110-240V), a charger (for the 12V battery) and a fan (100-150W).

I used to run an extension cord from the hallway…but some of my less classy neighbours started turning it off! :rofl:

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That’s too weak. A capacity of 200Wh is nothing.

My big Vornado fan pulls 56W on full power, so as long as the OP isn’t planning on riding Disaster then it might be worth a look.

They do have larger capacity models (this one for example, but even that one should run a decently sized Lasko for an hour or two.

i too use kreitler rollers w the headwind fan. when the fan is attached, my bike pulls to the left (where the fan is attached). have you experienced this??