Fang Mountain +2 outside only has four intervals, inside has five?

I noticed today that Fang Mountain +1 inside and outside both have four intervals. Fang Mountain +3 has 6 intervals inside and outside. However, Fang Mountain +2 has five inside, but only four outside. Mistake in the outside version?

I’ll go look, but what I’ve heard is not every workout has a perfect outdoor match (yet), so when you switch to outdoors it goes to the nearest one (if its not a perfect match - it will be close). So not exactly apples to apples outdoors just yet.


edit Bryce answers here Why are some outdoor workouts different than their indoor counterpart? [Resolved ✅] - #3 by Bryce

As of this past Friday, every TR workout now has an outside workout variant! Big shout out to the Support Team for manually building each and every workout in the library by hand.

Anywanys, if you notice any differences b/w indoor and outdoor versions of workouts, go ahead and report the issue to and we will resolve the issue.


Not all, it seems: Highland, Robinson and their variants, for example.