Family Plans or Junior Discounts for TR (Feature Request)

As an update. Emailed Zwift yesterday and my daughter has a free account today. Really impressed with them on this topic.
So we can cycle around Zwift together for a lot less than it would currently cost to do a group workout together!!
Again I’d just repeat my last point - grass roots is key to grow advocacy and loyalty.

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yeah but honestly TR probably isn’t the best thing for kids to be doing, and depending on the age may be downright bad to do. zwift is kid friendly because it can be less structured and they can just mess around and ride however.


Agreed. We’ve covered it in a few junior threads, and I think Z is the right place for kids. TR is best for later, maybe even when they are “adults” around 18?

Agreed. TR should offer adding family member plan, may be just limit one extra member per family with a small fee?

I agree on adding a junior. I’m already paying for tr. If I were to pay for zwift for my kid I probably would just cancel tr and join zwift!!! I’m not about to cancel Tr lol. So my son does not get zwift. I might set him up for RGT.

I could have him use my tr account but I think it would be a pain and not legit.

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Is there any possibility for this to happen?
I am willing to pay more for a family account that would let me have more than 1 person in the house.

I don’t feel great about having to pay full price for a person that will use it once MYABE twice a week.


Bumping this to the team, not sure if its a possibility or under consideration, but the reminder helps for sure! Thanks for the nudge.


+1 My wife (and son) has dabbled on an indoor bike purely for fitness, given the extended pandemic. I have her running the braindead wahoo app and trying out Peloton TV. And I have this awesome app called trainerroad that has engaging workouts built right in. But for a casual user, the pricing makes no sense.

Adding my name to this list.

Family membership would be a great idea! :smiley:

Have to agree here. TR should add team accounts for NICA high school programs (or even club teams) could be a great way to grow the business (active users are good for business). More people using = $$$.